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Transfer Efficiency Results

Services Oriented Architecture for Mobile App

The SOA on Mobile Cloud Computing Project is led by LiGuo Huang, Ph.D. and the Software Engineering Doctoral Team (Osama Barack, John Medellin Ph.D. and Qiao Zhang) at the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering & Computer Science / Southern Methodist University.

A paper was presented at WORLDCOMP 2015 (Las Vegas, July 2015) which integrated Services Oriented Architecture Principles for design with Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) on Apple Infrastructure (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iCloud). The objectives are to migrate computation-intensive parts of applications to other processing facilities (Cloud, remote hosts), execute them there and then return the results to the original live applications. Preliminary results indicate greater than a 90% efficiency in overall energy when using SOA for design of computation or data intensive applications that can be migrated to the remote host.  The paper outlines the app, architecture and results of the analysis and is ​available on request (use the form in the collaborate tab). The main outcomes are below (results in "WiFi" are the load transferred, the mobile part are the operations needed on the handheld to encapsulate, send and receive/restore state).